Mr Anonymous :: The book of death (VO)

The book with no nameWhen did you start writing books ?
In 2002. It took me a few years of practice before I actually wrote anything that was good though.

How came the idea to write these four books and for what reason ?
I decided I wanted to write a book that I would enjoy reading. The first book was a fluke really because I was quite literally making it up as I went along. The fact that all the storylines tied up so well at the end is a miracle. I didn’t plan out the story. I never knew what was going to happen until I wrote it. For example when I got to the eclipse at the end of the book I hadn’t decided who was going to survive. I also had no idea what would happen when the Bourbon Kid.. and Somers had their showdown at the end. And Rodeo Rex was going to be the main hero but I killed him off just to surprise myself !!

How many movies (and which ones ?) inspired you for your writing ?
Lots of movies have inspired my writing, although usually it’s subconsciously. I watched Back To the Future recently and spotted a line of dialogue that turns up in one of my books. And then right at the end of the film George McFly is holding a copy of his first novel and telling his son “If you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything.” It occurred to me that just maybe I was inspired by George McFly !

What is your favourite(s) movie(s) ? And why ?
True Romance, Forrest Gump, Mad Max 2, Dead Man’s Shoes and more recently Drive. I tend to like movies where the hero is a loner, or a man with no name. I can relate to that!

We know than Don Murphy bought the rights of your books… will you have your word to say about the casting, the sets, the costumes… ?
I met with Don last year and we discussed a few things. To be honest I’m happy for him to make all of the decisions and do the movie his way. I’ll always have the book. The book will never change, so it would be nice to see someone else’s interpretation of it on screen even if it’s not how I imagined it.

Who will play the perfect Bourbon Kid to you ?
There are lots of candidates. I like Ryan Gosling at the moment but I suspect everyone wants him as the leading man in their movie right now. I like Cam Gigandet too but he was killed by Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie so there’s no way he can be the Bourbon Kid now!

What are your habits when you write ? (in the evening ? in the morning ? sitting at your desk ?)
I get up in the morning with the intention of writing before midday. Usually though, I end up doing a million other things and don’t get around to writing anything until about 10 pm.

Do you need music to write ? And what is you musical influence, your favourite(s) singer(s) or band(s) ?
Music makes it so much easier to write. I listen almost exclusively to movie soundtracks while I work. Anything from Braveheart to Kick Ass.

What was your first litterary shock and who are your favourites writers ?
My favourite book as a kid was called My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannon. I don’t have a favourite author at the moment but I’m starting to read books by other Sonatine authors like Paul Cleave, SJ Watson and RJ Ellory.

What is the last book you have read and loved ?
Screwed by Ronnie Thompson. It’s a true story about a guy who worked as a prison officer. It was recently made into a British movie. I was offered a part as an extra in the movie but I couldn’t make it to the set because I was busy.

Why keeping your identity secret and what your anonymity brings to you ?
I’m used to being anonymous and I like it that way.

Can you talk about your childhood without revealing too much from you of course ?!
I had a very happy childhood although I was always happiest when I was playing on my own. And I started writing stories for myself when I was about six years old.

How many people in the world know that you are the author of the Bourbon Kid’s adventures ?!
Quite a few of my friends know but none of them have ever read the books and they’re not really aware of the success.

You wrote at the end of « The book of death » : « the end… maybe » … what about a fifth book about the Bourbon Kid ?!
I’m not planning on writing a fifth Bourbon Kid book. If I ever did it would be a spin off featuring just him. But I don’t know how a Bourbon Kid book could work without Sanchez in it.

Will we have one day the response to outstanding issues, as the encounter between the Bourbon Kid and Jessica?
It’s unlikely. Some things are best left to the reader’s imagination.

Do you have an anecdote to relate us about « The book of death » ? And have the Facebook’s petition really changed your mind or did you intend to publish the book anyway ?
I started writing it before I wrote The Devil’s Graveyard but it was just far too violent. Then after the Facebook campaign I was so flattered by the fans’ reactions that I went back and did some rewriting so that the book could be published. The published version is better than any of the early drafts.

What do you think of the 2 SojaFilms’s teasers ? You seem having special relationships with your French fans, could you talk about it ?

The trailers are awesome. I’ve not seen any better book trailers anywhere. I’m very lucky to have such talented and enthusiastic fans in France. That’s why it was nice to be able to release The Book of Death first in France as a thank you to the wonderful French fans.

« The book of death » is a French exclusivity, it is only published in French for the moment…, how did you « meet » your French publisher Sonatine and what do you think of the work they are doing with your books and covers ?
I’ve never met anyone at Sonatine but I hope to one day. When I heard The Book With No Name was being published by Sonatine my first thought was “Who the hell are Sonatine?” I now know the answer to that question – “They’re the best publisher in France!” The covers are excellent too. The cover for Le Livre de la Mort is my favourite cover of all. It’s so cool and creepy too.

Is there any international subject which makes you angry ? Or make you laugh ?
I don’t ever enjoy hearing about real life murders or acts of terrorism. I prefer that stuff to be fictional. I love foreign pop music though because it all sounds so crazy to me.

What is your dream ?
To remain anonymous!

What’s next now ?
It’s a secret…

What would you like to say to your French fans as final word ?
Thanks for enjoying the books and being so supportive and friendly. Love you all!